Obama ’08: My Vote Doesn’t Count…

by Emon Hassan on October 27, 2008

…because I can’t vote. That’s because I’m not a citizen. And that’s okay because I can write.

I’ve never been political or care to be; there’s always the fear of being pegged as something I’m not. What do I really know about politics anyway? So why show support or take a side?

Because I admire this man. He is the greatest example of something I believe in: that you can dare to hope and dare to believe in something and, against all odds, reach it. All I ask of myself is a successful career and the chance to bring happiness to those around me. Is there a reason I shouldn’t reach for something bigger than me? He has shown us how it can be done with patience, perseverance, and knowledge. Let your destiny come to you and make yourself ready.

You don’t have to reach out to millions. Just one person. I’ll have my vote realized if I can make one person who can vote, vote.

While everyone is focusing on the politician, I’d like to on the person Obama. It’s very important you know both candidates as people too and both have exceptional stories.

As insignificant as my contribution may be, I’d like to take something with me to the future, many years from now when my kids, or grand kids, will ask what I’d been up to while history was being made. That wouldn’t be a great moment to regret not doing anything at all.

If…by any, any chance in the world…you don’t know him…this is Barack Obama.

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