Obama: Focus on Energy and Technology

by Emon Hassan on December 6, 2008

That’s good thinking and planning to get out of the economic crisis; looking into where money is being wasted unnecessarily. To give a simple, if not perfect, example: instead of crying to have to cut your monthly soy chai latte budget, which you love and can’t do without, you install energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. You’ll save on electric bills every month which can be used for your chai latte – which eventually keeps you happy.

I’m not joking about this at all. While others will tell you many ways to cut the the spending on your daily habits, if you look into your daily workflow, you can cut down on a lot of things you didn’t even know you were throwing money away on.

1) Do you need to print out most of the stuff you want to read? I see a lot of people on the train reading their email printed out. The ink cartridge is a killer when the printer’s free. The paper may seem cheap, but it’s really not.

2) Do you really have to subscribe to print versions of all the magazines you receive?

3) Do you really need to buy styrofoam cups for your office? Plastic spoons?

4) Do you really need a fax machine?

5) Do you really need to buy brand name water from the market?

The point is, the way you live may not need heavy altering if you sit down and look up the things you’ve been dropping money on – that can be stopped and it won’t effect what you do. It’s always the little, barely noticeable things that add up.

Did you know a good portion of Americans who make $100,000 a year live paycheck to payccheck? What does that say?

Sit down. Calculate. Cut back. Save. Do it this weekend.

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