Oscar 2008 Leftover Thoughts and Links To Awesomeness.

by Emon Hassan on February 26, 2008

1. I don’t remember seeing Roy Scheider and Brad Renfro in the In Memoriam segment during Oscars. Do you?

2. Very happy that ‘Once’ won. ‘Falling Slowly‘ is beautiful, no doubt, but the other songs in the album are all as well. Give the album a trial listen, or buy all 13 songs for $8.99 at Amazon.

3. Watch the funny animated shorts nominee, Even Pigeons Go To Heaven, via Portable Film Festival’s YouTube page.

4. This guy managed to put 3 other animated shorts up, including the winner, Peter and the Wolf. Don’t know if they’ll be up there for long.

I’ve seen all the live action and animated shorts at a recent screening in Manhattan. The live action shorts were a torture to sit through, except for this one, just because it stood out much better than the others. The filmmaker and one actor was present at the screening and guess what Robert Osborne starts with: “Who are you wearing?” I understand he meant it as a joke, but it wasted the very few minutes he had with them on-stage. Oh, Robert…why oh why. 5 live action shorts totaled over 2 hours. There were couple that just bored the fuck out of me. Feature wannabes.

Out of the animated shorts, I like Madame Tutli-Putli a lot (check out #4). I loved ‘I Met The Walrus‘ and thought it was going to win. Oh well. It’s the animated take on Jerry Levitan’s interview with John Lennon. Heeeere’s Jerry!

Glad you enjoyed reading these afterthoughts. I enjoyed writing them for you.

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