Post-Chicago Blogging Blues

by Emon Hassan on March 6, 2008

What should I blog about? My last real entry was almost a week ago. In between I’ve been to Chicago and back. Something happened during that trip? You could say I had a shot of empowerment and confidence wrapped into one injection.

After much thought I understood where this change stemmed from. My suit. I realized I turn into a different person when I put on a suit. I always feel that when I put one on for special occassions, but having it on for 3 days has trampled on my insecurities – mostly in the matter of looks. I walked different, talked different, acted different, and even attended a social event where I chatted with people as if I do this every day; I even agreed to and smiled for photos.

Earth to Emon: Wake the fuck up!

Okay, then. I’m here. I feel like I should write meaningful things but I got nothing. I deleted over 2000 unread feeds without hesitation. Who cares if they fit a stove in the new version of iPhone? I think the detachment from being ‘connected’, even if for a brief period, was good for me. I have a tremendous urge to do more creative work. How else would I explain getting up at 6 am on a cold Saturday morning and taking pictures and shooting video over N. Michigan Avenue? How else would I explain spending an hour by the Bean, being mesmerized by it?

Finished watching The Bridge a couple of hours or so ago. It’s about people committing suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate. The doc shows videos of people climbing on the ledge and just jumping. One guy survives and he gets to tell his story. 31,000 (that’s one every 16 minutes) have committed suicide in the U.S. last year. Connect that with the many they are related to. Recent studies have found a rise in mid-life suicides.

What should I blog about? Was this a meaningful post? It seems all jumbled up with different mix of emotions.

So be it.

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