Posting via Flickr from iPhone

by Emon Hassan on October 11, 2008

Posting via Flickr from iPhone, originally uploaded by EmonomE.

Okay, need to write a couple of unnecessarily long sentences to see
how the text wraps around the image. But wait, this actually won’t
wrap around the image.

Remember to attach photo first, then write post. This will post on my
blog in a few minutes. I’m emailing this to Flickr, which will post it
to my blog. Subject heading is post title and text on body is post.

The image setting I’m using on Flickr is medium, biggest option
available. By the way, this is being set up with
My blog was added before so Flickr knows it’s shit. :)

Cool, it’s exactly 7:37 pm. Off it goes.

Update: 7:50 pm. That didn’t work at all. I had the impression when I emailed Flickr, it would send the post with picture to my blog. Instead, it just posted the whole thing on Flickr. Oh well, I just went to the photo’s page and clicked on ‘Blog this’ to send this post. Didn’t have the patience the write the above text again so here I am on the computer typing this.

Madness!! :)

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