Pretty: My First Short Film

by Emon Hassan on March 29, 2008

Click here to watch movie in Quicktime.


Here it is, finally. My first short film, shot in 2004, wouldn’t have seen the light of day had it not been for the following people who’d responded, gave it their all, and made me a proud first-time filmmaker.Posting this film here is a little special for me because I started this blog because of this little film. Back then I had no idea what else I could do with a blog, so I wrote a ‘history’ of this movie, in two freakin’ parts. I was on Blogger. As is still the case, sometimes, I would ‘apologize’ before I shared something I loved talking about. 4 years later, watching the movie, I can spot hundreds of things I could do better when making them – same goes for blogging. But it’s being able to go back and see who I was and how I was doing things that makes both these mediums so gratifying to be a part of. It’s me in pieces. Hope you enjoy the movie.



Guenia Lemos as Stacey


Don Downie as Mark


and Jennifer Riker as Josie


Producer: Frankie Nasso


Original Score: Michael Tremante


Director of Photography: Hemant Tavathia


Editors: Andreea Borcea and David Frankfurt


Art Director/Wardrobe: Amy Kitzhaber


Assistant Director: Anthony Marks


Set Design and Art Work: Limor Nesher


Sound: David Fisher and Jim Rieder


Sound Recordists: Gil Calderon and Joe Frio


Still Photographer (incl. photo above): Mark Santana

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