Obama ’08: Who Was Professor Obama?

by Emon Hassan on October 31, 2008

Some claimed he never was a professor, but of U. of Chicago clarified that indeed Barack Obama was. What type of a professor was he? His students seem to think highly of him. What courses did he teach?

TV ‘pundits’ accused him of being professorial on the last debate. Since when is that a bad thing?

Back when the rumors were starting to roll out about him running for Office, lots of folks talked about it. One of them is Andrew who wrote a great post about that making a lot of sense.

Being a teacher and being a leader requires one major ingredient: seeing both sides. Did he have what it takes to be teacher?

It’s not easy being a teacher at a school or university. It definitely is not being one at U. of Chicago. Anyone who has taught university or college knows how brutal students can be if they smell fake or ill-prepared teachers.

Being fake and ill-prepared: bad for schools and, mos def, bad for country.

Fortunately, he is neither. And that just has to mean very good. Wouldn’t you agree?

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