Resolution #2: A Feature Film in 2011

by Emon Hassan on January 3, 2011

Like most of my resolutions, this too came as a revelation, of sort. Late last night, while reading tweets on my iPhone, in bed, I saw a tweet from my friend Thibaut:

“2011 will be the year of my first feature film. Uh. It’s easier to tweet than to do.”

He then responded to another friend, Jesse, with: “working on the script and the planning. It will be more of a DIY feature than an indie feature, but we’re in it!”

So it’s 10:00 am on a beautiful January 3rd morning and all I could think of was “fuck it, I’m gonna do it too”

After a few back and forth chats with Thibaut, it was decided that that we’d blog our journey towards making our features and, perhaps, at the end of it, publish a book.

I realize now, just an hour later, that this is a pretty bold, ambitious, and nutjob goal I’m setting for myself, given all the things I’m in the middle of. But so be it. If you’re going to bungee jump, then you have to believe you’ll not be greeted by death at the end of it.

So…the dream begins!!! We’re hash-tagging this thing as ‘DoubleFeature’ on twitter. Yeah, I’d totally buy that book. :-)

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