Rise Up, Change Agents!

by Emon Hassan on November 7, 2008

There are just too many to count but I’ve seen so many articles, pieces, promises, plans, and hopes of people wanting to be the change agent the past couple of days that it dawns on me – the ripple effect is on!

It’s as if everyone paused and realized, “Wait a second, this shit doesn’t have to be this way. I can change this.” This has made folks think of making changes in the way they do things, have things, feel things, teach things, learn things. That is fucking exciting if you ask me.

I too have a few changes to go after. Two of them: music and movies. And while the rest of the world is gearing up to take their first steps to make a change, I shouldn’t be wasting time on planning.

Plan as you go. You’ll never be fully ready but your skills will guide the way. Your love for it will keep you up and when you’re down, pull you up. And three simple things you (I) should be aware of to get others to help – you’d be a fool to think you can do this by yourself.

Be genuine. Be open. Believe.

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