The Dream About Outsourcing

by Emon Hassan on February 7, 2008

Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading The World Is Flat ($1.17 for a used copy at Amazon!) that I had a very unusual dream Monday night. My dreams make no sense most of the time and they make the least sense when I have them during my weekend, mid-day naps; if the nap lasts 5 minutes, I’m still guaranteed a weird dream. Pretty cool, I think.

So, in this dream, I find myself as a guest at a farm house. An elderly couple is my host. He looks like an older version of Sam Walton (hat including); she looked, with exaggeration, like this. When I tell them to sign up with, she tells old man to let Cindy in China know about setting it up. Noticing my puzzled look, she reveals that most of couple’s affairs, including billing, email, taxes etc. have been outsourced to China. My initial response: China? And as is the case with these dreams, you can’t probe further. You wake up when you have questions. And I woke up confused about why I’d have an outsourcing elderly couple dream rather than the obvious: what the hell am I doing at a farm house?

I think my dream means, to put it in simple terms, that “I know a guy who does my___________” can be a guy sitting in Timbuktu and functioning as if he was sitting in the next room.

Timbuktu sounds like a funny example, right? Transitioning, baby! Felix Dubois visited ‘Timbuctoo’ and wrote about it in 1897. If blogging existed in 1897, Dubois would have been a blogger. He’d have had videos, pictures, slideshows etc. He’d have been friends with several bloggers from Mali and would’ve gone on Photo walks with him. And with outsourcing all his text, videos and pictures to India, Dubois would’ve woken up next day to find his photos, videos, and text neatly organized, captioned, and submitted to all the major sites. You don’t know he wouldn’t have. I’m assuming just as you are not assuming.

The outsourcing elderly couple dream is not such a far-out concept. Tim Feriss is someone who one day paused, realized, and changed his life. Long hours don’t bear tastier or wealthier fruit. Extreme outsourcing is the future. The old couple gets it, and they’re not even real.

Or are they?

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