The Music is You Wherever You Are Not

by Emon Hassan on October 1, 2008

If you make good music, it will go places. If you make good music, it will be you meeting people without you meeting people. Trippy!!

Went to Greenville, South Carolina this weekend for work.  We all went to a little sushi place that was mostly a bar and a little bit of sushi. While eating, a guitarist/singer started performing. Most of it were Country tunes – well…except for I Won’t Back Down –  until he played the opening riff to House of Cards. What! Few minutes before that I was joking that I’d yell out a Radiohead to make him scratch his head. How dubass-ness of me.

It was his interpretation of the song but, boy, did it get the crowd happy.  Who can’t relate to – ok, maybe not everyone – the opening words. It’s not like I’ve never heard singers in a bar do covers and yet this made me think: how many knew this was a Radiohead tune, and how many cared? A good song is a good song, is a good song.

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