The Real “Don’t Stop Believin'” Story of 2007

by Emon Hassan on April 22, 2008

This is one of the best stories of 2007 – for me – that somehow escaped me. Journey’s lead guitarist Neal Schon went YouTube-land after he became frustrated for not finding a lead singer. Then he stumbled upon a singer, Arnel Pineda, from the Philippines. This is one of the videos he looked at. The first minute or so, when Pineda is talking to an almost empty club, I kept thinking “Get the fuck out! He has a thick accent and his band isn’t that great”. But my jaw dropped when he started singing. Where is that voice coming from!!!

Flashforward to February of 2008. Pineda is now the lead singer of Journey and this is a clip from their first concert in Chile.

Again, what a fucking story this is!

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