The Spirit of Youngness

by Emon Hassan on June 20, 2008

You’re young, able, and confident. You perform, playing yourself, with such tenacity you forget the day has only 24 hours. You look in the mirror and say, “I don’t need anyone.” You repeat over and over the same phrase and you make it your mantra. You’re a one-person nation.

Some years later you’ve since eased on your rule a bit with, “I don’t need just anyone.”. You’ve learned by then that the world won’t revolve around you. You find there are better looking, better performing young-ness blooming around you. You tell yourself that it takes two. The search is on.

Now you’ve gained a few years around your eyes and everything you hear is in the form of a mixtape. Whether it’s based on fulfillment or emptiness, you stick with “I don’t need much.”

A lifetime to change one word in a sentence. Helluva writing class, if you ask me.

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