Tightly Unscripted

by Emon Hassan on March 31, 2008

Funny how this mood thing works. Maybe I had to let some things out of my system with my last two posts. Things that went parallel to another matter that engulfed me over the weekend and which I conveniently kept out of those posts. That is, my new series idea I’ve been toiling with. Besides the movie making me feel sad and everything, The Kite Runner also nudged me in the right direction a bit with the series idea, and that is: relate to basic human needs, wants, and emotion while telling good stories. Sounds simple enough. Writers more often than not forget to keep things simple. Multiple story-lines is all the rage these days, makes us look smart. Keeping it simple while doing so is another matter. The best example I can think of is Seinfeld. Each episode had a different story going for each of the main characters, yet you never not knew what was going on without scratching your head.

So this mood thing. But first…the Al Gore piece on 60 minutes was very inspiring. Assures me no matter how big a task is, it can be taken on with an initial step. After the 2000 event (you know which) he picked himself up and decided to devote to the one project he has always been passionate about. All the awards, accolades, and fortune he’s being showered with in 2007 came after 6 years of hard work. Only he remembers the day he made the decision to dust off his slides and start working on a presentation – a new project. Only he remembers what it was like to start that new project. Only he remembers how sure/unsure he felt in those initial stages. Would anyone care? Does he have what it takes to make those changes? I’m sure any human, no matter how big their last accomplishment was, would go through the same mixed emotions. You feel alone in your mission/project in those initial moments. There may have been moments where he told himself, “No one cares. Why did I think they would?” But he kept at it, worked at it, and look at the results now.

About the series. I haven’t had a concept crystallize in my head for a long time. I’ve come up with hundreds of ideas over the past couple of years and most of them fizzled within the first day, some within the week, and some limped on for a bit longer. With all the other emotions in tow, this series idea has been showing up stronger and stronger. That is why, a full weekend later, I feel very good about taking it on and feel I’m on to something good.

That said, I’ll stop talking about this series thing for a while. Talking isn’t into writing. Doing is.

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