Truth, and the Other Dude

by Emon Hassan on August 1, 2008

The mind goes to great lengths to block out or avoid concrete knowledge of the truth. You tell yourself the ex-wife or the ex-girlfriend is not doing well without you; that she is in fact unhappy not being with you; that she’s made a mistake by leaving; that she will one day realize her mistake and come back; that she’ll apologize for not seeing what you always knew was there; that you are the person for her and no one else. The mind is then a counselor who tells you what you need to hear, or even believe.

But you don’t listen.  Because you, like the fingers when told not to touch a hot plate, are in search for the truth, the absolute truth you’ve made up about the unknown truth. Yes you remember, while in motion towards it, that movie’s signature line about not being able to “handle the truth.” You are quite sure movie lines mean little in real life.

And then you see her smiling in a picture with the other dude. And you spot that extra twinkle in her eye.

Your mind walks out of your chest, your limbs begin to forget they’re part of your body, your eyes filter a gaussian blur, and your ears can clearly hear the inside of you crumble. Ha.

Of course there is a smiling picture with the other dude. That’s how she chose to give you the middle finger without ever lifting one – says your your weak mind, stooping low. It’s too late.

Your history with her now will forever be a list of reasons why you were never meant to be on that picture frame.

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