Vacation and the Choices

by Emon Hassan on August 20, 2008

I’m technically on vacation, starting today. I go back to work next Monday, therefore, it’s a glorified long weekend. I’d planned to visit California originally; never been to Los Angeles. I have friends there who I’ve met in NY a few years ago as well as friends who live in nearby cities.

Never mind all that. I had to make a choice between air fare + hotels + going places in CA versus buying accessories for my Canon XTi, camera backpack, 1TB External Hard Drive, extra mics for my camcorder, mini-DV tapes, accessories as well as line up couple of more video interviews for my guitar blog – that I’m unleashing in September with tons of original content. That blog is up already, btw.

The purpose of vacation is to take a break from routine and recharge. Looks like that is still not in the menu for me this year. Again. But who am I to complain. I couldn’t afford to be in a position to weigh in those same choices until this year. Add to that, unexpected expenses that had popped up right when I was contemplating both travel and equipment purchase. Those expenses knocked me down and counted to 10. I had to make my choice fast. Well, not really. I kind of fell into this choice.

So here I am. I live in a city I’m in love with. I haven’t had a chance to be in the city, during the day on a weekday, for a long time. Unless it involved a visit from my work in NJ. Last time I checked – yesterday – the sky was bluer than ever. Only if it keeps its promise to stay that blue for a few more days.

Can I even call this change of plans a sacrifice? I can still do what I’d do if I’d traveled to different state: sleep late, pick up and go wherever, meet people I’ve been meaning to. So many things going on in the city I had to employ the services of Google Calendar. If you’re reading this at 11am – I’m at B&H, shopping and…taking a free class on portrait photography with Dave Piazza.  I’m not big on classes but this one just called out to me. I’ll find out why. Wanna see if I can catch this balloon ride over Central Park. I’m scared of heights but maybe I can put that on hold for a bit? I don’t know.

If I had enough money, I’d have gone somewhere new and explored unfamiliarity. But I’m building something for me; my career.

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