Vibing on Inception: Dreams, Memories & Re-Creating Reality

by Emon Hassan on July 17, 2010

Finally saw Inception last night. In one word: WOW! In three: My mind, blown! In five: Chris Nolan is a genius!

Dreams, memories, and alternate reality have always been favorite topics of mine. Several years ago I’d created a couple of radio fiction pieces (very short) on those topics.

“Flashforward” (2004) is about a woman taking a memory tour that takes a dangerous turn. ‘The Best Confession'(2004) is about a couple using a device to re-create a confession that would be agreeable to both of them. A bonus piece: “Dreaming in Stereo” (2008)  is a composite of what a dream, to me, is like – always in the middle of a scene but never knowing why.

Thought a fine excuse to share them with you, again. If you can listen w/ headphones, please do. All produced w/ Hassberry Theatre Company.

Flashforward by Hassberry Theatre Company

The Best Confession
The Best Confession by Hassberry Theatre Company

Dreaming in Stereo
Dreaming in Stereo by Hassberry Theatre Company

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