Filming with N95 #2: Globesonic Dance Party

by Emon Hassan on August 6, 2008

Started to write this the night of July 18th but sat on it because I didn’t have the video edited.

As fate would have it, I ended up going to this dance event at 70th and Riverside. Good photo opportunity, I thought. Little did I know I’d be right in there dancing….er…convulsing…to the beat. Fortunately, no footage exists. I hope not. Mario Lopez need not feel threatened.

It didn’t matter to anyone who was there if (s)he could bust a decent move or not. They all shook what their mama gave them. People in jogging outfits, people in roller blades, people in work clothes, and people barely clothed. The music pumped and it pumped them up. If the beat beats right the body responds no matter how stiff it’s used to being. Mine’s no exception. Besides, girl wanted to dance with me…and I’m not allowed to walk away from that.

Compared to my Jazzmobile video, this did okay considering the low light but it captured sound pretty well. If you can avoid zooming in, the shots look good. You can pick out ‘un-zoomed’ shots in this one too. There are no pops on my Quicktime file’s audio so don’t know why this one is having that issue. Overall the edit’s a teeny bit rough but fuck it, that’s the way it’s going to be.

By the way, if you’ve never gone to one, go to Globesonic’s next two parties at the same location. You’ll love it!! Just get your ass our there and the music will do the rest for you.

I promise.

Filming with N95: Globesonic Dance Party

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