Vincent Laforet at B&H

by Emon Hassan on July 28, 2008

You know when you begin to think you’re a hotshot photographer you should register for an event such as the one I attended Sunday. It will crush whatever fancy dreams you started to have.

Which is just what I needed. Because photographers like Laforet make you realize how lowwwww you are on the ladder and how high up the level is. If I were him I’d be boasting, bragging and talking shit all the time. He is just the opposite. During the 2+ hours of his presentation I did not sense a hint of ego. How can you not have one when you take great pictures like these and work with some of the giants in the photography and journalism world! Seriously, every B&H event I’ve attended has been nothing but inspiring. They invite the best in the business and these are folks who love what they do love to share. The guy answered every single question and demonstrated his workflow in detail which was cool. I have to tell you, I am loving what Aperture 2.0 can do. Still in love with Lightroom though.

Plunked down $260  before I left there. I was inspired, dammit. But I never consider spending money at B&H spending; rather investing. If I want to get things going I have to invest with the little I have. If that means cancelling plans to travel somewhere when I’ll take off for vacation or it means no eating out for a month. Sacrifices, kids, they don’t come cheap.

Good Sunday. :)

So Let me tell you what I’ve bought recently:

1) Azden ECZ 990 shotgun mic for my Panasonic GS180 – if I want to do more videos I better have the minimal equipment.

2) Impact Li-Ion Battery for GS-180 – supposedly lasts up to 4 hours. Good cuz the one with the camera barely lasts 1.

3) RC-1 Remote Controller for my Canon Rebel XTi – It can be a bitch to do experimental stuff like this with a 10-second timer on the cam. This baby can take instant snaps as well with a 2-second delay.

4) Sigma 70-300 mm F4-5.6 DG Macro.

5) 6-ft Belkin Firewire 4pin-6pin cable for camcorder to Mac – the B&H guy, when I told him I wanted the 3-feet, said “3-ft gets short fast.”

6) Bonus: Free copy of July/August Photoshop User Mag.

Compared to what pros spend on equipment, this is lunch money. But…baby steps.

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