Waste Management

by Emon Hassan on June 18, 2008

Some things are a waste of time. Some people are a waste of time. Wasting time with the right people is never really a waste – until they don’t stay ‘right’. Wasting time with the wrong ones is a complete waste and makes you waste more time recovering from them.

All this waste happens by choice. Why is it so hard to see that 3 out of the 4 above are wrong for the mind and body? It just leads to using money, that you seem to never have enough of, as bandages. You think if time was a train it would have honked before it approached and passed you by?  Nah ah. Because each train (minute) passing is carrying gold and doesn’t feel it needs to have to wake you up.

Waste your wealth, it will come back slowly. Waste your health, it will come back grumpy. Waste your time, it will come back as a reminder – and haunt you.

Manage your waste. Start now, Emon.

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