Pics of the Week

by Emon Hassan on May 8, 2009

Hello there! Been a while hasn’t it? I haven’t been writing much these days not because I have a block or something – or I’m in de nile – but it’s because I gots nothing to say really. Saying when you don’t have anything worthwhile is like handing out Disney dollars as bailout money.

I will say that this is the year I get back to making movies (short or long-short). I own a kickass camera now and it’s like I own the world. Until then, it will be bits and pieces of what I’m thinking about and mostly photos. Have been sharing my iPhone photos on Twitter and get quite a bit of response from the peeps. So thought I’d compile a best of, sorta, at the end of the week on here.

About the shots: one of my basic rules is that all post-processing to be done with native iPhone apps. I use Vintshift when I take the shots originally and then process with Camerabag. The other rule is, no cropping and clever-rotating to make clever angle after. So any shot is a hit or miss; the last shot happened because lady luck pulled focus.

Have a great weekend!

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