What’s This Blogging Business?

by Emon Hassan on January 16, 2008

These tips from the editor of Writers Digest, Maria Schneider, may seem too basic but it gets to the core of what keeps a blog successful.

I’ll add something to the mix. Perhaps the biggest reason people stop blogging is burnout. It can be daunting to come up with a post and keep a steady stream of entries after a while. It starts to feel like chore. I felt the same way a few weeks into my Sound blog and Words blog. I started both with a lot of enthusiasm and drive but they fizzled when coming up with relevant content was becoming a drag. I had started emonome at Blogger in 2005. When I’d started blogging with the two above-mentioned blogs I had no intention of writing regularly for emonome. I wanted to create ‘professional’ blogs and build my way up. Personal blog didn’t make me feel professional.

I can’t quite pinpoint my ‘fuck this shit’ moment but it was towards the end of 2006 [around the time of this]. I realized I can’t stick to a one or two subjects and keep my blog going. When I say this blog can be defined as emon @ random I mean it. I did not want to restrict myself from blogging about practically anything that I felt like. Blogging allowed me to bring two of the most important aspects of my being together, learning and sharing. I had to share what I’d learned, therefore had to be learning and sharing regularly.

Nah, I shouldn’t say two – there are other elements brought forth from blogging as well. One of them – leaving bread crumbs of my life so one day, when I’m old and senile, I can go back and trace my history. Although I’ll admit that there are days and nights when I want to give up blogging because not much traffic is coming my way and not many readers are burning my feeds, this is what keeps me coming back for more. Blogging for traffic is similar to playing  a favorite sport for sneaker deals. You have to love doing both. Unlike other well-known bloggers who consistently write well within their refined areas of interest, I tend to be all over the place; free, I guess. This is not the sort of behavior a traffic building blogger should participate in. There are bloggers who’ve started two hours ago and have built more traffic and subscribers before I finished writing my previous sentence. But it’s up to me to decide how I ought to measure the success, whatever is there. Most of my favorite bloggers have blogged well and have built well within a short time. I envy their focus, talent, and writing skills. That doesn’t mean I should pout and find some excuse to give up.

I have to keep doing my thing. ‘Doing my thing’ is not readily accepted. We are told to do like others, so a whole bunch of other others can do pie charts about us. I want to be that +- something % margin of error in their stats.

You know what I’ve realized my blog can be best described as? A glorified bookmark.

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