Why I Love Twitter.

by Emon Hassan on April 26, 2008

I thought about ‘eating an apple’ to fit in with the Twitter crowd. Not my style. I’d rather use it to think out loud or share my thoughts, as if I’m taking and sharing live notes. Must suck for those who follow me.

But you see, it’s the only way I can trace back and see what the hell goes through my mind. If I don’t catch and tie them up with 140 characters, I’ll never ‘discover’ them later. It’s an ego thing, mostly. I tend to twitter a lot when I’m away from the computer. Twittering via cellphone is where the most fun is for me. Bread crumbs!!

I’ve decided to add Twitter updates on the left sidebar. This will give you my most recent tweets. To give you a quick glimpse of what I end up Twittering about, here’s a sort of best of what and why I Twitter since the first time I started it:

First tweet:

Uploading fo-tos on Flickr

First tweet after….:

Ok.1st txt from phone. :)

…followed by:


This is when I txted in a URL from my phone:

Testing: http://www.emonome.com

Followed that Newton moment with:

Yess! Wasn’t sure if texting the URL from my mobile would appear as a link here. It does, it does!

February 2nd was pretty good:

Dude@Sbux to another strnger buying grnd coffee: ‘You know where you can get really good coffee? Zabars.Yeah,really good.’

Dude@SBux to a strnger w/ a Macbook shouting: ‘yeah,Apple is the best! How much they cost?’ Poor strnger trappd cuz dude wlkng to his tbl.

After that, walked out and found:

Never seen so many broken & abandond umbrellas on the strt like this morning.All within an hour. Aftr wlking by dozens,decded to take pics. [that resulted in this little photo set]

This is me after screaming at the television:

Dunkin Donuts’ new ad,w/ everyone singing is so dumb. ‘doing things that I like to do’ shut the fuck uup!

Sometimes I’ll have one of these:

Realized earlier today that the mention of the word ‘cassette’ drives me crazy. Icon_star_empty Icon_trash

Sometimes I’ll find something online and want to share it quick:

New York In Pictures 1935-1938: A great series at NYPL Digital Gallery by photographer Berenice Abbott. Y.. http://tinyurl.com/2ekqsh

A word will jump at me and I’ll ponder:

New term? Cock Jumper: Someone who…a whore,basically.

Only to be disheartened:

Sigh…not a new term as I hoped. :( http://tinyurl.com/2l6qyj

Sometimes I’ll pause a movie to:

“They’re losing me aftr the bunker scene”-actor playing Hitler when askd how many days he’s left by fellow actr @lnch tbl. ‘Blazing Saddles’

Anger almost always results in a tweet:

And people, please be ready with your cash/card b4 cashier rings you up. I saw my kids grow up while you fumbled thru that fucking purse.

When sharing Jokes – can really test your skills to fit within 140:

Girl- Doc, I keep seeing dots all over.Doc-Hmm,have u seen an Opthalmologist? Girl (thinks)- No, just dots.

News is always good to share:

Sex Offender Wins Lottery: And fuck you, lady luck! http://tinyurl.com/28exfk


Have been battling the urge to go out for KFC all evening and it’s been raining. Flashforward – a very wet jacket. :)

Right before I read a book:

Reading “Acting Teachers Of America” by Ronald Rand & Luigi Scorcia. Hoping no one goes Robert McKee on acting. That would fuckng suck.

When I’ve accidentally twittered instead of texting directly:

You’ll always be my girl! :)

When I’m being a smart-ass:

A study reports:66% of women lost all feelings of attraction after a first kiss. [plboy apr 08] My advice: try it with a human.

Sounds like a store name: “Honey, I’m going to Strunk & White to pick up some cardboard boxes”

“Acc.to ‘Yedioth Ahronoth’ 70% of Israeli women enjoy giving BJs” (frm Plaboy, May). Meaning what,the 30% give it but don’t enjoy?

Not to mention my ‘witty’ observations:

What’s the diffrnce most ‘pundits’on any topic hav in commn w. a ‘dancer’? Only 1 o them wins awards fr pullng stuff out of her/his ass.

The word ‘multi-talented’ is being used to describe anyone who does more than two things these days…like writing,singing.& not sucking.

I think you’ve had enough of this. Stuff like the above goes through my head all fucking day, a fraction of which makes it to Twitter. I think that’s a good thing most don’t.

Happy weekend!!

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