The Hollow Nickel Case

by Emon Hassan on January 13, 2009

Been a while since I posted, hasn’t it? Promises, promises…of writing a chapter a day for the fiction project for December. Just didn’t work out; though it’s being continued bit by bit. I could blame it on my day job and whine that I get no time to do anything else but that would just be laaaame. If Cory Doctorow can get some good amount of work done despite his schedule and projects, I got laaaaaame excuses.

So let me tell you, or rather lead you to, the story I stumbled into and hadn’t gotten around to posting.  I decided I had to post it before bed  – it’s 12:54 am now. I was checking out LIFE on Google. Thought I’d look up Fort Tryon Park when this image pops up. Caption says:

Fort Tyron Park, site of The Cloisters, was one of the biggest drop points for messages for spy Rudolf Invanovich Abel.

How could you not be intrigued! Who is this Rudolf Abel guy? The sniffing led to the FBI’s famous cases page of The Hollow Nickel. I was hooked! All I wanted to know was: who is the writer? This does not read like a case page. It reads like a thriller, doesn’t it? Wish there was a way to find out.

Lesson: curiosity is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Being curious while you’re online? It’s beauty divine!.

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