Tweets from a Former New Yorker Writer

by Emon Hassan on May 21, 2009

Dan Baum’s tweets are compiled into one place and…I’m hooked! Here’s a section that stood out for me.

The magazine would pay me $75,000 a year for 30,000 published words.

In return, I’d agree not to write for The Atlantic, The NY Times Magazine, Harper’s, RS, and a few others.

Hell, I’d be giving up a $90k Rolling Stone assignment to earn $75k at the New Yorker.

And what about Playboy? Playboy wasn’t on McCarthy’s list, and I’d made a pretty good living from Playboy.

Could I still write for Playboy? McCarthy said, “How about we increase you to $90,000 and you don’t write for Playboy either?”

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