Favorite Posts

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be exposed to these. This is also for me to keep track of my ramblings, the ones that reflect what I’d been thinking or going through; a progress report, if you must. Some of these posts are here because I actually like them, some because I was surprised by what I’d written that seems so foreign to me now, and some are there to remind what an idiot I was (am) at times. The dumb ones made (makes) me shape up, if only a little. Stuff in the brackets are what I think of them as I go on pasting them here. Start from the top, shall we?

Top Faves: My personal faves.

1. Finding Other Bumblebees.

2. Sunday Mornings with Breakfast with the Arts.

3. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

4. Starbucks is Not Your Living Room.

5. Writing What Wants to Be Written.

6. Blue Coat.

7. Only Five.

8. The Education of Emon by Comic Artists.

9. Drained.

10. She Spoke in Tongues.

11. What To Do When Apple’s Mighty Mouse Won’t Scroll Down.

12. The Tripod and the Meaning of Success.

13. Epiphany.

14. The Godfather, the Air-conditioner, and the Book.

15. John Keats, Google, and February 27th.

16. Why Forrest Gump Ran.

There are many more. I just don’t know where they are…yet.

Now on to archiving by date, starting from the very top.

2005 – June

How Should I Do This? Mission Statement – Sort Of [9.06.08 >I was lost about the idea of blogging. Had started it all on Blogger a month earlier.]

History of Pretty 1 & 2 [9.06.08> Not so bad posts. I talk about the story behind my first short film.]

2005 – July

Guitar Lessons for Beginners Over 40 [9.06.08 > point and chuckle line: “I am not even 30, but as a teacher I have patience that would make Mr. Holland look like Bob Knight.” Geez!]

2005 – August

That was a special month. A little explanation is necessary here. I was looking to shoot my first feature length movie. Well, no-budget productions have their own way of fucking with you. Short version: I had all the video, light, and sound equipment and had a week lined up to shoot; the equipment being free. What I didn’t have: a script, a story, actors, and location. Not good.

I had only one option: shoot something. Meaning I had to go Wong Kar Wai on this project, minus the fantastic group of behind-the-scenes people he works with. Perhaps a comparison to him is stupid but the point is, I had equipment so I have to make use of it.

Not only that, I decided to chronicle this whole process so I’d remember later what happened when and how, and why. Here goes:

August 6 – 12 Days of Pre-production.

August 7 – Who Wants to Be A Documentarian? [9.10.08 – I really believe someone would document my project. Nuts!]

August 8 – 2nd Day of Pre-production. (Update) (Graham comes on board)

August 9 – Carol’s on board.

August 10 – Sarah comes on board.

August 11 – Pre-production: Day 5.

August 13 – Story behind the production of The Best Confession.[9.10.08 – So young, so bold.]

August 19- Preproduction! What pre-production?

August 19 – Technically, I start production that day. But…no one told me. [9.10.08 – Um, they are English, dick!]

August 20 – 2nd Day of ‘Production’ – Getting to know the equipment and why I’m going solo on this project.

August 21 – In denial.

August 22 – A story – more an idea – is born.

August 23 – Lost an actor, added two.

August 26 – On the 7th Day. Things have to look up, right?

August 30 – On the 11th Day. It’s a wrap!!

August 30 – Lists and lists. Reflection of things past. Then more lists. [9.10.08 – Two good posts because they break down everything I’d planned for and worked with. Nice.]