Dear Canon 5D MK II

by Emon Hassan on February 27, 2009

I’ve met you only once, held you for a few minutes, and fell in love with you. Nothing will come between me and you (money willing). You’re the only one in my wish list and I’d love to wake up one morning and find out you’re next to me. Hope someone really loaded is reading this, takes to my eternal love for you, and buys me one. I will forever call you my angel with a capital A.

Vincent LaForet made a statement back in Sep 08 (read #6) that stuck with me. I believed him. He is the right person to make that statement. A filmmaker is a photographer at heart, and a photographer, like the filmmaker, is in the business of telling stories. The Canon 5D MK II descended on us and indeed has changed the way stories will be told. LaForet statement in future tense is no more. Photojournalists are out there right now shooting and telling stories like they’ve never been able to.

One particular caught my attention and I have to share this. It’s by Lexington Herald-Leader’s staff photojournalist David Stephenson. I was struck by how beautiful the shots were in this short piece. It had to be a photographer’s POV. You could freeze frame sections and it would still convey the mood of the piece. The movement, the audio only enhanced the story.

Makes me want that camera even more. :(

Anyway, hat tip to David.

The Road to Recovery from David Stephenson.

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