Scenes from Story Hack: Beta

by Emon Hassan on May 29, 2012

On April 29th, 2012, a team of 7 consisting of Transmedia storytellers and artists, presented their projects in front of a participating audience & judges, after a 48-hour brainstorming session inside a room at the Film Society at Lincoln Center’s Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center. The goal of the 7 teams was to, during that period, utilize three mediums and one prop to create a single narrative story line. These photos were taken during the final hour of the team’s prep and the presentation.


StoryCode’s Hackathon Puts Transmedia Collaboration To The Test

StoryHack:Beta – entertaining and engaging, the transmedia way

Not your parents’ storytelling: StoryCode and Film Society of Lincoln Center host ‘Story Hack: Beta’


10 Things I Learned from Story Hack: Beta That Made Me A Better Producer

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