No Balloon Ride, But…

by Emon Hassan on August 23, 2008

…stuff happened along the way.

That’s the Big Man’s way of saying, “Save your money, kid” because as soon as I stood in line a guy walks over and tells everyone, “Ride’s not gonna happen tonight, hate to tell you this. There are too many people ahead of you.”


“What if we come tomorrow morning…early early?” someone asked.

“If you come really really early…the wait would be 8 hours.”

Fuck that. I walked away. Once I got closer, however, the ride didn’t look like fun at all. The balloon is tethered and just goes straight up about 300 feet or so and before you know it, it comes back down.

I decided then and there that I’d take a real balloon ride someday.

The evening didn’t go to waste, however.

First, let’s meet Simon.

New York Minute: Simon, The Contortionist.emonome on .

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