The Comcast Experience

by Emon Hassan on September 14, 2008

Apologies if some of you clicked on the title to read about my experience with the cable service – good or bad. I read about this in Studio Monthly magazine yesterday and wondered why more publications hadn’t covered it.  Are other media giants worried about having to praise a rival company? Seriously now.

The long planning and detailed work that went behind this project is amazing. Sometimes I’d be at a show/presentation – let’s say Universal Studios – and wished the stories projected continued, grew, and never ended. Well, this one is the next best thing. I mean, come on now, the thing projects 18 hours every day yet a sequence doesn’t repeat before 45 days. The video quality, even watching clips on YouTube, will blow you away – look for the part where the dancers come on.

Heck, I just might make a trip out there to check this baby out. David Niles and his company [based in NY]will be very, very, very busy the next many years.

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