Building Your Own

by Emon Hassan on July 24, 2008


True to my Piscean form I’m feeling doubtful about my abilities (I’ll be just fucking dandy in the morning – to rip off Carlin). The only difference tonight is, I know I have a few good abilities but – the new question – do others have any need for them?

I’ve always been an advocate of the ‘building your own’ motto. Building my own is what I should be doing now. At what cost? I don’t want my sleeves tugged by the steady-paycheck monster while I build it though.

In this case I mean building my own brand. My blog. The photos. The videos. I get impatient sometimes and think I should associate myself with name brands, or people, to extend my own; piggy-backing, if you will. Then I get all shamed-up and feel stupid wasting all that time on ‘collaboration’ pursuits.

Just having a bad night and a case of ‘why can’t things be more accomodating to my life.’  The latter puts up a good fight and brings its friend ‘ego’.

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