Bumblebee: Angela

by Emon Hassan on January 19, 2008

I still get responses re: my bumblebee post.  I love hearing from people and it makes me feel good that the post somehow resonated with them. Here’s one from Angela, who describes herself as “unattached [to publications] and free-lancing”. She recommends this site to keep up with Blind Melon tour info. They’re playing NYC this coming Marh 1st. From my email correspondences with Angela, I get the impression of a positive force wrapped in a charming persona. I can imagine her saying, “Alright, guys, it’s never too late to bee all you can bee!”

Here’s the original comment:

“Emon – incredible writing and insight – you’ve found the golden hive – and the honey is sweeter when it’s mellowed. I’m a fellow bee embarking on a new career that was cut short 20 years ago by a suicide. A new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend bee-friended me when she saw she couldn’t destroy me, but eventually her self-hatred destroyed her. I was a poet and beginning journalist, and all of my writings where strewn around the room and photographed by the police and used as evidence of a potential homocide after she committed suicide in my bedroom when I was gone one night. I barely knew her, but was followed by detectives for months afterward until I approached her preacher to approach her family so I could explain my position, and that I had bee-friended her, but she had too much loss of self from prior events I had nothing to do with to find herself. It made me afraid to share myself with anyone, and to feel there must be a reason so many bad things had happened to me. I decided to develop internally and found knowledge is power… I’ve now graduated from college with an English degree and am starting out freelancing to work my way up as a rock journalist- my first piece is on none other than Blind Melon. They’ve reunited and are putting on Killer Bee shows – Travis is awesome and unassuming and I have to pinch myself to remember it’s not the original band. Such an bee-utiful tribute to Shannon – the band in my opinion has only ripened, mellowed and is better than ever…I think Shannon’s spirit is buzzing more intensely than ever during those shows…WOW…I can’t wait to see what’s next. I hope you’re checking out the Blind Melon Forum and BeeMelon…excellent ways to stay in touch with others bees – I’m smiling…thanks 2 you!!! P.s> check out Eye and Mind -Shannon’s mom’s jewelry website- she’s dealing with cancer and could use the support of the Melon community – peace”

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