by Emon Hassan on October 28, 2009

Like Robert Johnson, I too am at the crossroads…of life.

Nah. But I do know that I seem to be harvesting more ideas in my head than the farm will allow. Does not help in getting things done. Doesn’t help that opportunity comes to tell knock knock jokes. Doesn’t help that freeing the mind can only get you so far unless the body isn’t along with it. Too many tiny pleasures of life blooming in the garden.

I’d write a poem but I take pleasure in rhyming a little too much. The substance I don’t sweat over because substance is itself heavy with sweat. All I do is let it be.

Ya feel?

It’s 1:07. AM.

And it’s…just I am, in the AM, happier than I usually am.

The alarm is set for 7:30. Looking out for looking forward.

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