Daddy and Lehman Bros.

by Emon Hassan on September 15, 2008

Don’t know much about this Lehman Bros. thing – or the financial industry) to form any opinion but it does seem the company is in deep shit, to say the least. However, reading about it here took me right back to last year’s NYC Marathon where I snapped this pic. It was very unusual to see children make a sign like that but I equated that to their dad’s pride in working for Lehman Bros. Also, I kept asking myself why those objects had made it on that sign. Why did they pick green to be the card’s color?

To many, this is reading way too much into a sign. That is true if you underestimate children and how their minds work. I think everything on that sign, the way it’s drawn and the placement of objects, reveals a lot about the child – assuming the one holding it did it – the father, and their relationship.

What this has to do with the current news? Nothing. It just creates a mystery about the person the sign is made for. I’m sure the running metaphor is not lost on you.

    Daddy's At Lehman Brothers

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