How I’d Like To Cure Downer Blogging

by Emon Hassan on May 6, 2008

There’s been a stretch of downer posts from me lately. That’s because I’m going through some kind of a withdrawal phase – a macho way of saying I miss someone and some things badly. And I hate that it’s making me write posts of such…um… gloomy disposition. I could call it therapy but, frankly, some of them are downright whiny.

The other factor I should mention for the downer phase is the perfect timing of the allergy attack. Clogged up + fucked up = Fine Whine. My roommate took allergy shots last week and was cured within half an hour (not cured but you know what I mean); I’ve been suffering for two weeks and listen to what I convinced myself: “Oh, let me suffer just these two or three weeks so I can really appreciate life the rest of year.” Yeah, all of a sudden I’ve become a monk.

Yesterday, I debated all morning if I should go to Brian Smith’s event at B&H. I registered for it and I waited for it all week but the morning of I’m telling myself “I should stay home and work on my script.” Bullshit! All I’d have done is take a nap and watch an awful show on TV. 20 minutes before 1pm, I decided to go. A trains run locally on weekends and that’s always very fun.


3:40 pm. Brian’s talk was fantastic! He shared tons of useful information on editorial photography and many more on working as a photographer. He inspired me to walk out and be a photographer. Damn those inspirational talks by talented people! B&H gave out free copies of the latest Photoshop User Magazine!

Not a great segue but I find reading business books and business magazines gives me a confidence boost I don’t get from anything else, especially success stories.

Whiny bastards don’t succeed. Lack of focus won’t bring success. Neither will lack of discipline or plain laziness. Too much planning won’t make the road to success easier. Excessive talent means shit without hard work. Hard work means squat without passion and love for something. Passion for something is a distant relative of destiny. If you know what your destiny is, today, you are a fool.

People will come into your life to distract you from all that and turn you into whiny bastards like me. I don’t want to be at age 42 wishing I’d gotten my shit together at 32. At 32 I’ve already spent enough days wishing I’d gotten my shit together at 22. Where’s my appreciation of the best achievements in my life that have happened between 26 and 31!

Hey, man, I’d be shitting you if I said there’ll be no more whine tasting. I realized I do better with Simple Math. More on that on a later post.

Right now, I feel…(cue James Brown)

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