Happy Birthday to Me, I Said!

by Emon Hassan on February 28, 2008

Now that just reeks of attention-whorism. But 32 is a good number. Stay with me.

Last night I made a lame attempt to record my version of ‘Fly Me To The Moon.’ I have no idea why that song. Perhaps I was feeling a little something something. I started to feel a John Keats post – remember that? – coming. So here it is.

Why ‘Fly…’? A little Wiki-diving revealed the song was recorded in 1964 by Frank Sinatra – 12 years before I was born. Sinatra was born December 12. ’64 divided by 2 is 32. December 12, 1964 is when Kenya was declared republic. Kenya! Why Kenya? Well…

Still with me? My zipcode ends with 32. It starts with 100. Make this 100 we just took out useful, shall we? Hundred Year’s War actually lasted an extra 16 years. Multiply 16 by 2 and you get….mm hmm. Take the one out of one zero zero and kick the the two zeros out of 2008 – look, it’s 28, my birth date!

Nylon got its start on this date. What the fuck does Nylon have to do with anything? Nothing! NYLON founder Marvin Scott Jarrett‘s contact phone # ends with 6454 (it’s not weird, the number’s on his site). 6454 represents the years, split evenly, when ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ was recorded by Sinatra and the year Bart Howard wrote it.

Can I somehow swing all this into what they call, Karma? I know, that would be pushing it. I tried raising my karma level on Stage6 but never was able to. Just so happens that Stage6 shuts down on my birthday. Something must have been wrong in their DNA. DNA…DNA…James Watson and Francis Crick announced to their friends that they’ve found the genetic structure of DNA on February 28th. The company Genentech Inc., (NYSE: DNA) opened with 76.37 on February 28th. Ignore the .37 – stay with 76, my birth year…and stay with me.

On Febuary 28, 1807, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the king of Holland, saying:

Text not available
The Writings of Thomas Jefferson By Thomas Jefferson

28 is a Stormer number. If I knew what that was, I’d be writing something else and not this post. But I really should stick with 32…because I started it with 32. Do you know of the 32 Poems Magazine? Neither did I. 32 is the ninth Happy Number. Whatever that may be, it sure explains why I was and wanted to ‘Fly’. It’s also the freezing point of water at sea level in Fahrenheit. I’ve played chess since I was a little boy, and so it turns out there are 32 white squares, 32, black squares, and 32 pieces (black&white) at beginning of the game.

An adult human has 32 teeth.

One more: Shakespeare’s 32nd Sonnet –

Text not available
The Sonnets of William Shakespeare By William Shakespeare, Edward Dowden

Thank you for taking this ride with me. And…happy birthday to a recent Oscar winner.

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