Joe McNally at B&H

by Emon Hassan on February 18, 2008

I’ll be upset about this for a while. There I was at the event. There was Joe McNally talking to a whole crowd of people for two hours straight, talking about photography, his start in the business, his struggles as a working photographer, and his joy in taking pictures. I was fired up, inspired, and ready to go out and express myself with pictures.

And what do I do? I don’t take cash with me to buy his book and have him sign it. I don’t have a decent camera to take a picture with him. After a long period of hesitation, walked over and asked him if he’d mind taking a picture with me on my cellphone. He being nicest guy on the planet, said yes: twice, after the first snap only captured our foreheads.  Couldn’t borrow cam from work this time.

When I realized I could just run over to an ATM, get cash, come back, buy the book to have him sign it, it was too late. He was packing up to leave. He’d already stayed an extra 45 minutes after the event to talk to people and I couldn’t ask him to hold on for me while I ran over to get cash. How embarrassing would that have been!  He’d mentioned he’d bring over some books.

Guess it was meant to happen this way. Did I mention he’s the coolest guy in the world? He has no snobbery about him, nor does he get all technical and artsy about his work. Can’t say the same about some of the audience members today. I swear some of these fuckers show up at these events to prove they know shit better than the speaker. There were people walking out in the middle of the presentation. I’d have been upset if someone walked out of mine. That doesn’t even match the horror of seeing granny in front of us bend over and give the whole row a peep show of her green thong. Eeek! Not to mention the douchebag who talked on his cellphone during the Q&A. Did he think no one would be bothered because he was speaking in Spanish?

When I do buy The Moment it Clicks, I won’t be able to get it out of my head that it could’ve been signed by the author. :(

Maybe at the next event. For now, taking a pic of him and me with my “famous” cellphone will have to be the highlight of the event for me. It didn’t come out that bad after all.

McNally At B&H

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