How to Share Links with Bitly & FriendFeed from iPhone

by Emon Hassan on April 15, 2009

It’s simple, really, and maybe I’m the last person to get it. Anyway…

1. Drag and drop Browser Bookmarklet from both Bitly and FriendFeed to Safari on your computer (where else). You’ll be syncing this later to your iPhone, so if you don’t want all the other bookmarks to import too, drag these to a clean bookmarks bar.

2. Sync iPhone and import bookmarks.

I’m guessing you already are signed up with both? In that case…you’re ready to roll.


1. Let’s say you dropped by the following (a-thank you) page.

iPhone to Twitter using

2. Tap bookmark…and

iPhone to Twitter with Bit.ly3. Your URL is shortened. You know what to do next.

iPhone to Twitter Using

4. This is the tweet.

iPhone to Twitter using

Using FriendFeed.

1. Again, to my site, shall we?

iPhone to FriendFeed

2. Tap FF from your bookmarks list.

iPhone to FriendFeed

3. You can also add photos by tapping, and tapping again, sometimes, to add to your FF queue.

iPhone to FriendFeed

4.  Voila!

iPhone to FriendFeed

Have fun.

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