The Godfather, the Air Conditioner, and the Book

by Emon Hassan on June 30, 2008

One of my John Keats moments.

Saturday morning at Starbucks. After the book sat there for weeks, I finally get a chance to read The Annoted Godfather. Coppola used to carry a notebook with that had very detailed notes on how he planned to shoot. He said he got the idea from a chapter by Elia Kazan in Directors on Directing: A Source Book on the Modern Theater (if you’ve clicked this link…are you shocked by the price as well?). Somehow I’d never heard of this book and I’ve read tons of book on directing. I made a note.


I come home from the library. “Airconditioner for $50” sign still up; had noticed it on my way out earlier. If I can bargain it down to $40, I tell myself, I’ll buy it. 20 minutes and $40 later, I load the thing on a cart she loans me. I tell her all those books she’s kept outside are very tempting, only I can’t afford space. She says, “Oh, believe me I had a hard time parting with them.” Turns out she’s moving to Ohio and has been living here for 28 years. I glance over at the shelf while waiting for the elevator.


And guess what I found…


I know I wouldn’t have paid $98 (even the $39 for a used copy) for this. And the only copy at the New York Public Library, I found later, is listed as ‘Lost.’

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