The Room with the View

by Emon Hassan on August 17, 2008

I was given a room to stay at Jersey City Hyatt after the All Points Fest, courtesy of WOM World. It’s worth mentioning because they picked a room with the best view of Manhattan skyline I’ve seen through a window. If you ever rent a room there, go for either 602 or 603 (I’m pretty sure 703 or 803 would have the same view, but I don’t know…I stayed in 603) and check it out. It’s not cheap. The oddest thing in the room was, however, the TV! A Panasonic box TV like the one in my friggin apartment. Flat screen…hello!

Anyway, who needs TV when you get to take a gander at that view. On my right I could see as far as Gov’s Island and GW Bridge on my left, although with a little squinting. That’s a helluva span! The midtown skyline at night…ooooh! Obviously my cell phone didn’t pick up shit from the night shots so I only have the morning shots to share.

I don’t want to be a billboard for Hyatt but I can’t talk about that view and not mention the name. The two hotels I’ve found worth staying in for the view is Westin on 42nd Street, and this. I’m sure the 360 view from Four Seasons is much better but I’d rather flick my balls with a pencil than spend $30,000 a night there. — What’s with the ‘violence’ in my post these days?  :)

The Gull and the City

Downtown from this Town

Cruise Ship Outside my Window

Lone Boat Races

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