Uploading PDF file(s) on WordPress.

by Emon Hassan on December 21, 2006

Update: June 6, 2007 – That was then. Now you have options to upload pdf, doc, ppt, gif, png, jpeg, jpg as well as host of others to your blog. They’re plainly listed right under the editor window.

You knew you could do that, didn’t you? It’s so simple that it hurts.

  • Step 1: Use the Upload bar below the Editor window as you do to upload photos.
  • Step 2: Once uploaded, click the Edit button and add Title and description, if you wish. Make sure the option says ‘Link to File’
  • Step 3: Copy the URL from the window. Save.
  • Step 4: Once you’ve written a text on your post. Simply highlight that text and use the link button and paste the pdf URL.

To give you an example, I’ve quickly written a one page screenplay, Battery Park (and I mean really quickly) on MSWord, saved it as pdf, uploaded, edited with this post and voila….

CLICK HERE TO READ/DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE OF BATTERY PARK (By the way, script has curse words, but used artfully :) )

I’m probably preaching to the choir with my pdf “tutorial,” but ask me if I care.

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