Visiting Sandy Hook. Saving Sandy Hook.

by Emon Hassan on October 20, 2009

Why visit. Conserving of our historic site/landmarks is important to us all. Or at least, should be. I just posted a series of photos from my recent visit to Sandy Hook [Part One] [Part Two]. The PBS video is how I found out about this place.

However, didn’t know that there’s an active campaign to commercialize that place. Meeting some of the Park Rangers, esp. Tom Minton, at the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, informed me that the campaign needs a lot more participation.

Take a moment and find out how you can help. At the least, sign the petition which currently has a little over 7000 names. Click on the image below and see what Sandy Hook is all about. If you look through this set of binoculars, you can see Coney Island – the wonder wheel, the parachute tower etc. If enough of us don’t step up – bye bye binoculars. Bye bye Sandy Hook.
Sandy Hook Beach & Battery Tele-1

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